Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Dudhsagar Falls

A visit to Dudhsagar falls was in our (that includes S and me) bucket list from a long time. But we had never given serious thoughts about it.
We finally decided to tick it out from our list last October.

So we headed to see the falls in early October, soon after the monsoons. With a senior citizen and an 8 year old kid accompanying us, we completely ruled out the thought of trekking through the way. For that, we had figured out take one of the jeep rides available from the nearest village of Kulem. As we were driving from Karwar, it took us almost 3 hours to reach Kulem. On arrival though we learned that Jeep rides had not been started operating due to continuous downpour and the only rides available were the 'bike rides'.

Even before we could say yes to the offer, the bike owner threw a bomb shell saying the rides would cost around 2000 per bike! And we needed 3 bikes!!! Our instant reaction was a complete NO. Then came the negotiation and the bargaining. The final amount still came out to be around Rs. 5000/-We were still in double minds considering the age of my MIL which is 70+.

When we started, it just seemed like another bike ride on the rugged roads of the Western Ghats (much like what we usually experience in the native villages of South Canara). But less did we know about the later part of the ride, 10 odd kms next to a railway track literally riding on the edge and on the rocks. That's when the fact of charging such a huge sum struck us, it was a very dangerous ride (plus adventurous too).

We reached the foot of the waterfall after an hour, half drenched (because of rains) and half exhausted (because of the ride). At the foot of the falls, we just get a glimpse of the falls; we had to further pass through small streams to watch the waterfall from close.

After trekking for more 30 mins, we were finally there! It didn't actually seem like "Sea of Milk" though, as that's what is the literal meaning of Dudhsagar. But for all the pain that we had taken to reach the falls we had to admit it was good, more for the ride than the view of the waterfall. From what we witnessed, it looks like the train journey and the subsequent view that we get to see seems more promising than the option that we had taken. Nevertheless, no regrets.

Here are a few pictures:

The railway track that one can trek through to reach the waterfall...

The waterfall...

Water streams...

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