Tuesday, 9 June 2015

10 things to do in Kodaikanal

Here are 10 things one can do when in Kodaikanal...

1. Take a boat ride midst the misty Kodai lake/ go cycling around the lake...

2. If you are a flower lover visit the sprawling Bryant Park to witness colourful flower varieties.

3. Take a walk along the path of Coaker's Walk (preferably early in the morning which I missed doing) to watch the magical clouds.

4. Drive along the woods to reach Berijam lake (but getting the permit is an annoying job).

5. Do not miss to stop by the pine forest on your way. Pine trees that stretch as far as your eyes can see.

6. On your way back, fill your eyes with the 'blues' and 'greens' of Green Valley.

Beware- all these places are packed with tourists during the season. If you need some quiet time then consider visiting the following places.

7. Drive along the Palani hills...

8. ...And reach the beautiful Mannavanur after about 30 kms.

If you are full of energy, take a walk around the lake.

Watch the sheep happily grazing in the fields of Mannavanur.

9. If you are looking for more rigorous physical activity, climb-down the steep hills of Dolphin Nose and feel the mist coming through the Eucalyptus trees and touching your face.

10. Finally, wrap up the tour and form lovely memories by watching the Kodai lake from what is called as the 'Upper Lake View'.

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