Monday, 23 February 2015

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp is, again, a major tourist attraction in Shimoga Dist. of Karnataka.

It is situated just 14 kms from the city towards Thirthahalli road. The camp basically trains the elephants (about 30 of them); but that's not the fact which attracts the tourists here.

It is the beautiful experience of  watching the elephants taking a dip in the backwaters of Gajnur Dam (Tunga river) that calls all the tourists.

The picturesque beauty of the  backwaters makes the experience more memorable.

Of course, one has to be a early riser to reach this place. Otherwise, you would miss out the action.

Reach the camp site by 7.45- 8.00 and you can watch the elephants slowly walking towards the water for their daily ordeal of rubbing and scrubbing.

Even the visitors are allowed to clean them, it's especially the kids who enjoy all this. But unfortunately, my girl was more scared than excited looking at the huge mammoths.

All the action would be over by 10 am. after which the elephants are either sent to the camp for training by mahouts or left in the forest.

Surely, this place cannot disappoint you!

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